Amélie de Gentesia

In few dates

1984: Born in Geneva, Switzerland.

2006: DNAP (Art Diploma), Beaux Arts of Bordeaux

2011: Diploma of Fashion Designer, Atelier Chardon Savard, Paris.

Since 2008, I live in Parisian region

2010: I catch the blissful virus of knitting (and crochet)

2011: Various experiences in fashion, which make me change my inclination : I don't want to create clothes anymore.

2012: First sculpture, cuddly toy, and trophy in crochet.

Gentesia was born.

2012: launch of my blog

2015: launch of an e-shop on ETSY.

2017: new website, with soon his personal online store ;)


I will end with a big thank you to my parents. For their support of course, but mostly because it was my mother who taught me how to knit and crochet. From my father, I drew the name of my fantasy world.

Above all, they both allowed me to grow my ideas and to raise Gentesia.

Diploma's project.

Do you know how to plant cabbage ?


Carnet de recherche
Recherche dessin
croquis pour la robe champignons
Recherche Chou Rouge
Recherche Chou Fleur
Shooting final
Shooting final
Shooting final
Shooting final
Et mangez des légumes ;)

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