Drawing Challenge - Confinement

Like everyone, I was confined because of the Covid.

I was able to join a drawing challenge group on Whatsapp during this strange period.

I really liked being able to dedicate myself so much to drawing.

Now, I have return to my crochet.

I'm working on an huge skeleton of a flamingo.

But I need to keep drawing... please more time in a day ;)

I hope you'r safe.

Amélie de Gentesia


Easter Bunny

My creations are often amalgam of ideas.

Which often pop up along the way.


For this skull, I added rabbit ears, inspired by Easter and the film Donnie Darko, then while embroidering, I thought of an Egyptian deity, Art Nouveau, Illuminati / Freemasonry , to the film Labyrinth of Pan…


In short, everything is mixed in my head.

This is where this new skull comes from.

Amélie de Gentesia


Family portaits

I made embroidered portraits, from my family photos.

And like my other creations, it's colorfull ;)

Amélie de Gentesia


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